Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center

Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center

Located at 1056 North River Road in Manchester, NH, the Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center is a 36-bed facility serving youth between the ages of 12 and 17, providing a respite from the stress and chaos of the outside world. Here, residents receive comprehensive, evidence-based treatment and innovative support geared specifically for the unique challenges they face.

– Individualized: family-driven and youth-guided

– Strengths-based: youth and family strength and skills will form the foundation for recovery skill and strategy development

– Trauma-informed: the treatment environment is safe and supportive of youth with painful histories

Our caring and compassionate clinical staff understand the complexities of addiction. Our treatment teams include Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, clinical case managers and psychiatric caregivers, who can initiate medication-assisted treatment when necessary. Certified recovery support workers, many in recovery themselves, serve as peer counselors and mentors and help to round out our holistic

Family and Community Involvement

Adolescence is a pivotal period in the physical, mental and spiritual development of individuals and presents a unique set of challenges for recovery. To set up participants for success on the outside, we engage their families, as well as other important support systems, such as schools and their community, in the recovery process. To the degree possible, families are engaged early and often in everything from treatment planning, education, family counseling and other group activities. School connectedness is critical to prevention and recovery. We partner with teachers and school administrators, so the youth can continue to make academic progress during treatment. In addition, we offer education and workforce development programs to help the youth prepared and plan for their future. Setting goals is an important step on the road to recovery.
Working with Youth – Now and in the Future

We work with youth to overcome current use and resist future recurrence, building skills to promote self-competence and self-confidence.

Programming is centered on multiple pathways to recovery, an emphasis on physical activity, support for co-occurring conditions, education, and individualized treatment plans. Our program relies on core values and principles including integrity, all pathways to recovery, partnership, prevention, and innovation. We recognize that adolescents have unique needs that differ from adults. Our commitment to individualized treatment is focused on providing each client with comprehensive tailored support services to maximize their success and meet their needs holistically.

After Residential Treatment

Recovery may begin in treatment, but we understand that the real, hard work happens after discharge.

It’s normal for the youth and their families to feel a mixture of happiness, excitement and fear when the time comes to leave treatment. Granite Pathways prepares for this in two distinct ways:

– Throughout treatment, we work with youth to build and strengthen the skills needed to remain sober.

– We work closely with local community partners to deliver a continuum of care that reflects the concern, support and resources available in residential.

We’re Here to Help

The Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center is a voluntary program open to youth aged 12 through 17. Family or referring agencies may speak with our friendly admissions staff to learn more about our eligibility guidelines and insurance plans accepted.

Contact or call 603 931-3903